How do you get Azure Graph and power bi to be friends?

I like to dabble in a bit of Power Bi. I am hardly a data visualisation expert but I know enough to make a decent report. I am working on updating an old Intune report I customised based off the first release of the Intune Data Warehouse. It works. It’s not beautiful and it’s huge. I keep getting asked to trim it down since it’s one of the top processing hogs of my company’s Premium subscription.

One of my biggest issue is, I can’t get decent user information for the report. The data warehouse has UPN and that’s about it that’s useful. Originally I resorted to a PowerShell script to export users, company and a few extension attributes. Created a scheduled task and ran with it. It has worked since 2017. But I feel I should modernise this process given the data driven world we live in. (And the compute team want to move the server)

Time to roll up my sleeves and try the Graph explorer. It’s some trial and error but you can find what you need. extension attributes are complicated. But you can get there. And I did. All excited I created my Odata connection in PowerBi then …… doest work. Wrong password …. Agin…. cough should of set up passwordless… Try Agin…. nope. After some googling. PowerBi doesn’t support the Authenticaion for the graph api.


What to do? I can write another scheduled task and power shell scrip… or create an azure site to proxy the graph website.

Or maybe I will call it done for the week and enjoy the rest of this oddly hot London day with my son and wife in the paddling pool.

I’m sure you can guess which option I chose. The water was lovely.